Iris Pei


Iris is a Director at Artemis Associates based in Shanghai. She has over ten years of experience in media and public relations experience in mainland China, working in both a media group and investment firms.

She was previously at NIO Capital, a leading investment firm focusing on the new energy vehicle industry, where she was responsible for handling media relations and corporate affairs. Prior to NIO Capital, she was the head of PR for one of the largest Chinese FOF, Gopher Asset Management where she oversaw external communications in China and led numerous marketing campaigns across major cities nationwide.

Iris has strong relationships with international, regional, national, and local press in China, particularly the financial services trade media, and understands the Chinese media landscape in depth. Iris also specializes in social media strategy development.

Iris began her career as a business reporter at the Oriental Morning Post in Shanghai, where she covered news on capital markets. She was awarded the “Real Estate Reporter of the Year” Award in 2011 by Sofang, a leading media platform in real estate industry.

Iris has a dual degree in Journalism and Economics.


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