Begoña Lucena 和 Spanish-Cham Singapore 谈声誉管理

Begoña Lucena 和 Spanish-Cham Singapore 谈声誉管理 448 449 Artemis Associates

Begoña Lucena, Managing Director of Artemis Associates in Singapore discusses reputation management in Southeast Asia with the Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce.


We live in a 24/7 news cycle, amplified by social media. Our public exposure has increased exponentially, and companies need to select the best channels to communicate with different stakeholders − Begona Lucena


At Artemis, we create bespoke strategies for each client, depending on what they need. You can’t apply the same solution to all businesses across Asia. The social media landscape in mainland China is completely different from the channels that we would use in Southeast Asia. Artemis tailors its strategies to the local culture, business rules and media requirements

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