Reputation Management

Artemis Associates is a boutique reputation management consultancy. We are focused on creating, changing, protecting and building the reputations and brands of listed and privately-held companies, families, ultra high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. We operate across three practices which we believe are core to holistic reputation management – crisis management, visibility, and capital markets.

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“Over 30 partners globally”

Artemis has a proven and expert capability in executing financial communications strategies globally through our excellent partnerships with a number of firms in key markets. Although we have a network of partnerships in place, due to our boutique nature we are not tied to any one firm. Instead we are able to hand pick the firm that we feel is the best fit for the client situation that we are working on at any given time.



Below are three video testimonials highlighting our capabilities across our three practice areas. Our sincere gratitude to our clients for agreeing to share their experiences in working with Artemis Associates.

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